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The Electronic Cigarette

The Little E-cig Company's electronic cigarette or e cigarette is a stylish electronic device which imitates a regular cigarette. It delivers a dose of nicotine without the additional chemicals and tar. It produces a harmless vapour that looks similar to cigarette smoke but does not linger or harm others. You still have the taste and sensation of smoking along with that all important 'throat hit' that the electronic cigarette is known for.

The new eGo-C is the third generation of the electronic cigarette. The changeable atomiser system is the newest innovative technology that has been developed so far.

The eGo-C atomiser consists of an atomiser head, atomiser cone and an atomiser base.
It is different from other electronic cigarettes.
If the atomiser breaks down you only need to change the atomiser head. It is the highlight
of this electronic cigarette: economical and practical!

Whether your looking for your regular brand or would like to venture out those taste-buds, The Little E-cig Company is continuing to grow it's e-liquid range, we'll even take requests....